I was lucky enough to be asked by Tessa Buckley to design the new book covers for her Eye Spy Series.

Tessa is a freelance writer and author who lives by the Thames estuary in Essex. As well as writing mystery stories for children, she writes articles for newspapers and magazines, and indulges her passion for family history.

Eye Spy is the first in a series of exciting stories for middle grade readers about Alex and Donna Macintyre and their detective service, Eye Spy Investigations.

Available from Amazon or Matador.

Published by Matador, 2016
Paperback ISBN 9781785890192 
Ebook ASIN B00L3P10YY
Ebook ISBN 9781784626778

Eye Spy by Tessa Buckley

Alex doesn’t believe in ghosts, but he is about to have his beliefs challenged…

Haunted is the second book in the Eye Spy series for middle grade readers.

Available from Amazon or Matador

Published by Matador, 2017.  
Paperback ISBN 9781788032667
Ebook ASIN B074CCDN3W 
Ebook ISBN 9781838595623

Haunted by Tessa Buckley

Pursuing the truth can be a dangerous game…

Lady in Red is the third book in the Eye Spy series for middle grade readers.

Available from Amazon or Matador.

Published by Matador October 2019Paperback  ISBN 9781838591694
Ebook ASIN B081B54DPD
Ebook ISBN 9781838597238




Lady in Red by Tessa Buckley