A series of six acrylic paintings inspired by the energy and movement of tennis players engaged in a duel of wits and skill. The compositions are developed after taking photos and making quick sketches at live tennis matches, as well as viewing matches on screen. 

I have aimed to intensify the feeling of competition between the two players by bringing them closer together and making the composition more compact. 


Limited edition prints available in size A3 and A1

Original work available for sale


A series of six paintings

Often tennis players make seemingly impossible shapes with their bodies in a determination to serve or return a ball. When photographing these movements the resulting images can be quite blurred and rather than reject I use them as a starting point for a painting. 

Limited edition prints of No 1-4 available in size A4 and A2


I draw from the life model regularly to improve my observation skills and experiment with different media. Often I will use two or more drawings to develop into a painted composition. Drawings are produced using conte, pencil or paint on cartridge paper.


Original Drawings for Sale. Sizes range from A4 to A2


The natural and manmade environment: coast, countryside and city all have an appeal for me. Often drawing and painting the abstract qualities of form and colour in the landscape are enough. Sometimes I will include figures.


Limited edition prints available in A2 and Christmas cards for 'Snow in Chalkwell Park'.

Other original landscapes are available for sale


The infinite variety of working from natural forms such as shells, feathers, pebbles, is very satisfying. As well as being works in their own right I find the range of textures, colours and forms often suggest further developments.


Limited edition prints available in size A3 and A1